Fettucine al Tartufo Bianco

Fettuccine Pasta sautéed in a Butter-Anchovy and Sage Sauce
Topped with an Egg Yolk and White Truffle

Fettuccine Pasta

Spaghetti alla Chitarra con Formaggio e Tartufo

Artisanal Spaghetti in a Fontina Cheese Fondue
and Shaved White Truffle

Spaghetti alla Chitarra

Our White Truffles are 100% Certified Italian and directly imported

White Truffles

Tuber Magnatum Pico: The Latin name of the so called “King of Truffles” is a rare tuber foraged in different regions of Italy.Only available between October through December

They are the perfect Luxury Commodity with their unique complex yet delicate taste. Rich in proteins and fibers they will make these dishes extra Special.